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The TEAM at SprachPassion

Franziska Becker


I studied English, General and Comparative Linguistics and French at the University of Mainz. I have been a teacher of German as a foreign language since 2005. Until 2017 I worked for the Goethe-Institute in Frankfurt and then founded my own language school.

I wish for a world without borders and in my profession, which is my passion, I come a little closer to this wish, this vision. I speak English, French and Spanish as foreign languages and would like to learn Italian. I find it wonderful to hear different languages, even if I don’t understand them. I think foreign languages not only open countless possibilities, but they also open doors to new understanding, to new togetherness and ultimately to … peace.

In class I am super calm and patient and I often get the feedback “Thank you for your patience!”. But privately um – not always : )) Ich gehe gerne auf den Markt, um leckeren Käse und Wurst zu kaufen und sie anschließend mit einem schönen Glas Wein auf meinem Balkon zu genießen.



I come from Cologne and studied German, Romance languages and literature and German as a foreign language in Bonn, Florence and Marburg.

Because I have always loved learning languages and had great language teachers, I decided to become one too. I like that sparkle in the eyes of my participants when they realize: Now I understood this and can use it.

My studies and career have taken me to Italy, Sweden, Greece, Serbia and finally to Frankfurt. I have taught at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and at the Goethe Institutes in Belgrade and Frankfurt.

In my free time, I like to bake and be outdoors. You can always meet me on my bike.

Kerstin Kyra


From 2011 to 2014 I did my Bachelor’s degree in Ethnology and Slavic Studies in Freiburg. In 2015, I taught German as a foreign language to refugees in Freiburg as part of a four-month internship. Afterwards, I studied the master’s program “Intercultural German Studies/German as a Foreign Language” in Göttingen from 2015 to 2017. Nowadays, I consider foreign language acquisition and, in connection with it, getting to know cultures to be necessary in order to develop a better understanding among people.

During my studies I had the opportunity to attend many different language courses. In this way, I was able to find inspiration for my own teaching and was sensitized to better understand the perspectives of adult foreign language learners. I find internal differentiation and the focus on the special needs, goals and wishes of individual learners important. Other than that, I am interested in politics and enjoy playing sports in my free time.



To be a teacher has always been my greatest desire, the German language my passion. That is why I studied German as a foreign language.

I enjoy the multicultural meeting point of different languages, cultures and customs the most. That is also the reason why I like to be a teacher; to learn new things. Every little bit of knowledge that the course participants can take away for themselves is the greatest motivation for me. It gives me joy to be able to give them something to take with them on their way and to be part of their career.

My goal is for everyone to be able to say what they know, think or feel without having questions in their heads about whether it is right or wrong. Because that’s the only way to move forward, to learn new things and ultimately to reach the goal.

In my free time I like to be in the kitchen and try out new recipes.



I studied literature, languages, philosophy and media studies in Frankfurt and Paris, and also worked in a museum and for a newspaper. As part of a program for refugees, I then started teaching German as a foreign language at the university. Since I enjoy interacting with very different people, I am very happy to continue this at the language school.

In addition to my enthusiasm for language and literature, I am interested in politics, like to dance, or ride my bike through the area.