Speaking, practicing grammar, learning new vocabulary, reading texts, listening, that I can ask questions, writing texts, a small group, working with a group partner.

Exactly. You get all that and you get it in a way that makes it FUN : )

Do you still have doubts? Either because you have had other experiences with online classes or just because you have the impression that online is not your thing and you think “offline is better”?

Since we started our online group courses and also online private lessons, we regularly get great feedback about our online lessons. Many had doubts. They booked face-to-face classes but, due to lockdown, quarantine, home office, relocation abroad or back to their home country, simply “out of necessity”, switched to online and … they are EXCITED! And we are so happy about that!!! Many say after only 10 minutes “Wow! This is great! I thought learning online was something different. But the way you do it is great! Not at all like I thought at first!”

And yes, there is a whiteboard too ;

How can you really learn in an online German course?

  1. first of all, it’s best done in small groups.
  2. And then, of course, you need material that you can learn with. Our teachers take a lot of time to prepare the material from the classroom courses so that you can work with it online just as interactively as offline.
  3. And of course, you can learn best when you have fun.

    Just like in a normal offline German course : )

    Just try it out. Sign up for a course and see for yourself how much fun an online German course is : )

In our online German courses you can speak a lot

For example, about such topics as shown here in the photo below, which are for level A1 and many many more. What you talk about, of course, depends on what your topic in class is.

In an online German course you read texts. Just like in the offline German course

At each level you read texts: Here you can see an example for level A1 on the left and then an example for level B1. Also online, our groups always have the possibility to talk about the texts, ask questions, clarify vocabulary. The teacher records everything on the whiteboard, which you can view at any time. Even outside of class.
Just like in offline classes : )

Text for reading comprehension A1
Text for reading comprehension B1

In your online German class you learn grammar

Because learning a language without grammar is not possible. And everything is interactive. You don’t just work on your own, but you always have the feedback of the teacher. As for example when learning the correct usage of conjunctions.

Or for example, the adjective declension. The favorite topic of many learners of German ; ). Learn it online. You will be surprised HOW it actually can work.

And what you see HERE is just a very small part of what else is possible.

Vocabulary: Learn German online

Our teachers have a lot of imagination. You won’t believe WHAT is possible online. Just let yourself be surprised and enjoy improving your German.

Corona means you can still continue learning with us. Just as interactive, just as communicative. Just like in our face-to-face courses too!!!

So, here is YOUR excercise: Try to match two cards with the elements of the German idiomatic expressions. And of course, you can send us your answers. Ready? Go!

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We live what we teach. Join our regular meetings to exchange ideas in German, our excursions to the regions around Frankfurt, celebrations in the city of Frankfurt and of course always with a teacher you can always ask if you want to be corrected or if you want to know something about the German language. Register in our Facebook group with content exclusively for our course participants.

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